A mass for the Copts condemning the normalization agreement between Israel and the UAE

 The Coptic Orthodox community in the Holy Land held a religious mass on the occasion of the Transfiguration at the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem. The mass was presided over by Archimandrite Azariah Al-Urshlimi, pastor of the community in Jerusalem, in the presence of a group of monks and nuns and a crowd of children Sect.

Deacon Elias Ghattas, the Custodian of the Christian Churches in the Holy Land, said that in the sermon he gave on this occasion, Archimandrite Azaria touched on the tripartite agreement to normalize relations between Israel and the UAE, during which he emphasized that this agreement is totally rejected and constitutes an encouragement for the continuation of the illegal occupation on the Palestinian lands, and that The normalization agreement is an illegal and immoral agreement, before the occupation authorities fully recognize the rights of the Palestinian people, especially the right of return and self-determination, and the establishment of the Palestinian state with its capital, Al-Quds Al-Sharif, calling on the UAE to review its miscalculations and cancel this agreement.

He also stressed the need for a decisive response to such initiatives by ending the state of division and achieving national unity among all sectors and factions of our people, because this unity constitutes the decisive response to the occupation and its malicious goals.


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