ALECSO adopts decisions in favor of Palestine and Jerusalem 7

The Arab Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECO) adopted today, Friday, resolutions related to the State of Palestine and occupied Jerusalem in particular.

The organization concluded the work of the 116th regular session of the Executive Council, in which decisions related to Palestine were issued. These decisions were put forward by the Palestinian National Committee during participation in the council’s work in the Saudi city of Al-Ula, which lasted for three days.

The Council called on Member States to continue to provide donations and financial aid for cultural, educational and scientific activities and programs in Palestine, and urged all its peoples to intensify their visits to Palestine, especially Jerusalem, through the portal of official Palestinian institutions.

He also called on ALECSO to submit documented reports on the situation in Palestine, including Jerusalem, in coordination with the Palestinian National Committee, to UNESCO and other specialized international organizations.

He asked the organization to urge member states to continue technical and financial support to include more Palestinian heritage on the World Heritage List, in addition to supporting the Palestinian drive to host Arab, cultural, educational and educational meetings and activities in Palestine, and to continue working to launch the electronic archiving project for Palestinian manuscripts.

With regard to Jerusalem’s decisions, the council issued a decision inviting the organization’s general administration to launch the media platform “Jerusalem is the bride of your Arabness” in implementation of the decisions of the Executive Council, and urged member states of their institutions and universities to adopt the organization’s launch of the “ALECSO” chair for Jerusalem, to emphasize its history and Arab cultural and civilizational heritage.

The Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Committee for Education, Culture and Science, Chairman of the Executive Council of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Dawas Dawas, presented two reports on Palestine, including Jerusalem.

The first report dealt with the cultural, educational and educational conditions and the challenges facing the educational process in Palestine in light of the policies of the Israeli occupation and the “Corona” epidemic, highlighting the difficulties that Palestinian students and educational staff face in the educational process, in addition to the continued attacks of the Israeli occupation against universities and higher education institutions. .

On the level of culture, Dawas presented the violations of the occupation against Palestinian culture, heritage and holy places.

As for the second report, it dealt with the violations faced by occupied Jerusalem, including the distortion of Palestinian curricula, attacks on women, children, Jerusalem institutions, Islamic and Christian sanctities, cemeteries, and all digital and medical sectors, including the continued closure of official educational and media institutions and the assault on cultural institutions by storming and seizing property. Prosecuting its employees and imposing exorbitant taxes on them.

Dawas stressed the importance of keeping Palestine, especially Jerusalem, as a permanent item on ALECSO’s agenda, calling for more programmes, projects and executive steps to support the steadfastness of our people, especially in the Holy City and the educational, cultural and scientific sectors.

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