Gaza Health: The epidemiological curve is moving upward and raises concern

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip said today, Wednesday, that the epidemic curve is proceeding in an upward manner that raises concern, which confirms that the sector has entered a fourth, fast-spreading wave.

In a statement, the ministry indicated that the Gaza Strip is still suffering from the Delta strain, in addition to the presence of increasing infections with the “Omicron” mutant, at a time when the proportion of vaccinated people did not exceed 30% of the total population who received only the first dose, while the percentage of those who received the first dose is less. They received the second and third dose about much.

She added, "The population density in the Gaza Strip makes it more likely to enter into a violent fourth wave of the Omicron mutator among the citizens in a short period of time, which may lead to paralyzing the basic life facilities of the citizens."

And she considered that complacency in safety and prevention measures, along with the low rate of vaccination, are two dangerous factors that will lead to a fourth violent wave of the Omicron mutant.

She pointed out that the analytical study of the statistics of the three waves indicated that 92% of the infected cases were unvaccinated and 95% of the deaths were from unvaccinated people, as well as 100% of the deaths of pregnant women were from unvaccinated (22 pregnant women), which confirms the effectiveness of Vaccines in the prevention and reduction of serious complications of infection with the Covid 19 mutant.

The Ministry pointed out that the crisis cell for the Covid-19 pandemic and all its advisory and technical committees are in a permanent session to follow up on the developments of the epidemiological situation, noting that work continues around the clock to strengthen the components of the health system and keep it at the highest levels of readiness and readiness to confront the fourth wave and the dangerous repercussions of the “Omicron” mutator. Very fast spreading.

She stressed the need to respond to vaccination campaigns organized by health in official and community institutions, universities and schools (over the age of 12) and pregnant women in order to raise the proportion of societal immunity required to confront the pandemic, which has proven its effectiveness in different countries.

She called on all community institutions and citizens to adhere to safety and prevention measures, by wearing a mask, physical and social distancing, ventilating places and staying away from crowded places.

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