The European Union calls for the protection of children and their rights and to stop the use of administrative detention

The Office of the European Union Representative in Palestine called for the protection of children and their rights, and to stop the use of administrative detention without formal charges.

Commenting on the extension of the detention of the child Amal Nakhleh from Al-Jalazun camp, north of Ramallah, he said, “His detention has been extended until May 18, 2022, when he has been administratively detained by the Israeli authorities since January 21, 2021, when he spent nearly a year In prison without being informed of the charges against him.”

He added, "Amal suffers from a severe autoimmune disease, and prison poses a great danger to his health. Under international law, children and their rights must be protected, and the use of administrative detention should be stopped without formal charges being brought."

Muammar Orabi, the father of the captive Amal, said that his son, who is detained in “Ofer” prison, suffers from severe muscular weakness, a serious autoimmune disease that has repercussions on his health, as he cannot swallow food, breathe easily, and move his limbs, and the most dangerous is that these symptoms come in Difficult psychological conditions inside the occupation prisons.

In an interview with "Wafa", he indicated that the occupation refuses to enter Amal's treatment, and to respond to medical reports from doctors of human rights, which call for his immediate and unconditional release, because he needs urgent medical follow-up on a weekly basis, as there are antibodies that attack his immune system.

Orabi pointed out that his son (18) had undergone surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his lung, and there is a real concern that the tumor will return, and therefore he needs to undergo specialized radiological examinations.

He continued, "Israel has ignored all appeals and international action at the human rights and diplomatic level, and the message of the occupation is clear that it does not want to allow the Palestinians to win, even if it is morally against his might."

Orabi held the Israeli occupation authorities primarily and directly responsible for any repercussions on Amal's health, noting that "the continuation of his detention is not a moral scandal, because the occupation was never moral, but rather a legal scandal for a country that claims democracy and the rule of law."

It is noteworthy that the occupation extended Amal’s detention for the fourth time in a row on the thirteenth of this month, while he was arrested on January 21, 2021, 40 days after his release from the first arrest.

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