campaign in the United States against a bill that encourages normalization with Israel

A campaign has been launched in the United States of America, calling on members of Congress not to sponsor or vote on an American law that encourages normalization with Israel and punishes countries that refuse to establish diplomatic, trade and research relations with it.


The American Campaign for Palestinian Rights - USCPR has endorsed the campaign strongly urging members of Congress not to co-sponsor or vote for HR 2748/S.


"The bill uses language that could lead to restrictions on freedom of expression related to support for Palestinian rights," said a policy paper issued by the organization to members of Congress.


The paper warned that the draft law contains provisions that could lead to the punishment of organizations that do not support normalization agreements with Israel or other projects that marginalize the Palestinian people.


"Although the language of the bill says it aims to promote regional cooperation and respect for human rights, technological innovation, health care, climate and water scarcity, it effectively ignores Israel's violations of Palestinian rights," she added.


She pointed out that Israel uses technology to spy on Palestinians, restrict their freedom of movement, deny them access to healthcare under brutal military occupation and siege, and destroy Palestinian lands and ecosystems.


And she considered that "the normalization agreements concluded during the Trump era are commercial deals that perpetuate the violence supported by the United States in the region."


The paper stated that "the draft law focuses on deals between the apartheid state and authoritarian states, which will lead to continued disregard for human rights."


She stressed that "there can be no lasting peace in the region without respecting the rights of the Palestinian people to freedom, justice and equality," and said: "While the Palestinians suffer from the apartheid regime, normalization deals between Israel and other countries entrench Israel's impunity for human rights violations." including the demolition of Palestinian homes, the continuation of land theft and de facto annexation, and the brutal 15-year siege on Gaza.”



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