Gaza Health announces a series of measures to confront the “Omicron” mutant

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced today, Sunday, a series of measures to confront the new “Omicron” mutant of the Corona virus.

The Director of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry, Magdi Duhair, said, during a press conference on the latest developments in the epidemiological situation, that the Ministry of Health is working in full swing in order to maximize preparedness and readiness to deal with any possible emergency in the epidemiological situation that raises concerns and fears of countries of the world, including reviewing all policies and protocols. And related health procedures, reviewing readiness and maximizing readiness in hospitals, intensive care units, respiratory triage centers, oxygen stations and the central laboratory.

He added that the preventive medicine teams in the ministry will follow up the returnees to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing and the Beit Hanoun “Erez” checkpoint, especially those returning from the affected countries.

He pointed out that the ministry will start from tomorrow, Monday, an intensive campaign to expand the circle of those targeted to receive vaccinations to include ages from 12 to 15 years, calling on parents to urge and take their children to vaccination centers.

Duhair explained that the Ministry of Health will start running mobile health teams in all governorates of the Gaza Strip to reach the largest segment of society to receive vaccinations against the Covid 19 virus, in order to achieve the community immunity required to confront the pandemic.

He called on citizens to quickly go to vaccination centers to receive vaccinations, and to complete other doses as a protection wall that avoids entering the danger of a fourth wave whose severity cannot be predicted, with the increasing global fears of the new surge coinciding with the entry of winter. like he said.

Duhair stressed that all vaccines against the Covid-19 virus that the ministry provides in the vaccination centers are sufficiently safe, pointing out that more vaccination centers will be opened in the governorates of the Gaza Strip.

He stressed that the low demand for vaccination, with the presence of a delta mutated threat in the Gaza Strip, puts us in front of a fourth wave more dangerous, as is the case in countries of the world that did not record high numbers of vaccination and suffer from the repercussions of a fifth wave described as the (unvaccinated) wave.

Dhuhair indicated that the Ministry of Health is making exceptional efforts to raise the rate of vaccination in society, including a campaign of financial rewards to urge the elderly to vaccinate, which raised the vaccination rate among the target group to 40% for those over 16 years of age, explaining that this percentage was not The required community immunity has been verified so far.

And Duhair indicated that 95% of deaths during the third wave were for unvaccinated people, and the infection rate among unvaccinated people reached 91.2%, and this confirms undoubtedly that vaccination represents a real protection for citizens, and everyone must race to provide protection for him. and for his family.

He pointed out that the vaccination rate among health cadres exceeded 94%, indicating that the Ministry of Health is still continuing to complete the vaccination program in all governmental, private and service institutions.

Duhair affirmed that the Crisis Cell and the advisory and technical committees in the Ministry of Health continue to hold their continuous meetings to follow up on developments in the epidemiological situation that have occurred in most countries of the world and in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip due to the emergence of the new mutated virus “Covid 19”, which was defined by the World Health Organization as “Omicron”.

He stressed that the efforts made by the Ministry of Health over the past months have resulted in ensuring the continuity of various sectors of life, such as education, crafts and others.

Dhuhair reiterated the need to expedite receiving the vaccine and following safety and health prevention measures at the level of individuals, families and various sectors in wearing a mask, physical distancing, personal and public hygiene, and proper ventilation, and accompanying the prayer rug in mosques so that we all overcome the pandemic with minimal losses and to avoid returning to the strict measures that began a number of of the countries of the world to apply it to reduce the spread of the pandemic.

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