The occupation arrests 4 civilians from Beit Sahour and Bethlehem and assaults a young man from Nahalin

Today, Wednesday, the occupation forces arrested four citizens of Bethlehem and Beit Sahour, and assaulted the young man, Ahmed Izzat Shakarna, from the village of Nahalin, to the west, after an incursion into the village.

An Israeli military force stormed the city of Bethlehem, and patrols roamed its various streets and raided and searched a number of houses, and arrested the two young men, Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud Al-Douri (17 years) and Qusay Musa Al-Nuri (18 years).

During the storming of the city, the soldiers fired stun and gas canisters at the citizens, as a result of which a girl was hit by a stun grenade while she was inside her house. Her condition was described as mild.

Another force also stormed the city of Beit Sahour and applied strict military measures and set up some sudden checkpoints. They also raided a number of houses and arrested the two young men, Ahed Yousef Al-Shomali (22 years old) and Ahmed Muhammad Nasr (28 years old), and took them to an unknown destination.

In Nahalin, activists said that the soldiers set up a sudden checkpoint at the main entrance to the village and intercepted the citizens while they were moving there. They assaulted Shakarna after handcuffing him and severely beat him, leaving him in handcuffs, as he sustained bruises all over his body.

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