Britain´s Liberal Party bans settlement goods and allows Palestinians to enter without a visa

The Liberal Democrats, the third largest British party in Parliament, agreed today, Monday, by a majority, to ban Israeli settlement goods from British markets, grant Palestinians the right to visit the United Kingdom without an entry visa, and abide by the immediate recognition of the State of Palestine and ban businesses. British from working in illegal settlements in the occupied territories.

The Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the United Kingdom Husam Zomlot, who attended the conference, welcomed the two resolutions, and said: “Voting on the two resolutions is positive initial steps, although they do not contain sufficient calls for the full implementation of British and international law.”

He added that the first decision is “an important commitment to the rights of the Palestinian people and will lead to significant positive effects on the development of the Palestinian economy, and the second decision is an important step for holding Israel accountable for its actions that contradict international law in the occupied territories.”

Zomlot called on other British parties to follow the example of the Liberal Democrats, saying: “We call on other parties to do more than what the Liberal Democrats did and work to enact policies and decisions to fully implement international law and British law regarding Israel and its illegal colonial settlements and apartheid policies.”

The party called for respect for the status quo in occupied Jerusalem and for the independence and jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court regarding its investigations into Israeli crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Liberal Democrats co-formed a coalition government with the Conservative Party in 2010.

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