Gaza: a public stand in support of the prisoners in the occupation prisons

In the Gaza Strip, today, Wednesday, a solidarity stand was organized in support of the prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons, in light of the aggressive attack they are being subjected to after 6 prisoners were stripped of their freedom from inside Gilboa prison.

The participants in the vigil organized by the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in front of the Red Cross headquarters in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, raised the Palestinian flag and pictures of the prisoners in the occupation prisons and the prisoners of the "Freedom Tunnel", along with slogans holding the occupation responsible for their lives and calling on the Human Rights Council to oblige the occupation to implement the Geneva Convention. .

Khamis Ashour, a member of the Central Command of the Democratic Front, said that “the practices of organized state terrorism against the brave prisoners in the occupation prisons, especially the prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel, who were re-arrested after their freedom was forcibly taken from the occupation with various types of torture and abuse, confirm the fragility of the Israeli security system, and express the wrath of the occupation.” from taking prisoners to their freedom.”

Ashour added that "the prisoners' will was stronger than the will of the jailer and the arrogance of the prison, and the re-arrest of some of the prisoners of Gilboa prison will not erase the effects of the blow and the scandal that the occupying power has suffered, which it has always boasted about to the whole world and is working to market it to many countries in the world, especially countries neighbourhood.”

The leader of the Democratic Front held the occupation fully responsible for the lives of prisoners in the prisons of the occupation, especially the four prisoners who were re-arrested, especially after telling the lawyers of the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission about their exposure to various forms of torture and abuse.

Ashour stressed that the Palestinian people, with their political and societal forces, and with them the free people of the world, will not stand idly by if the life of any Palestinian prisoner is affected.

He called on the Palestinian popular factions and activities everywhere to unite behind the issue of prisoners by intensifying support activities, especially in the areas of contact and clash with the occupation in every inch of the land of Palestine and in its diaspora.

For his part, the leader of the Fatah movement, Faisal Fayyad, called on international human rights and humanitarian organizations to assume their responsibilities in providing international protection for prisoners in occupation prisons, especially prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel.

Fayyad stressed in a speech by the national and Islamic forces that the operation of the Six Prisoners of Freedom has restored consideration to the Palestinian, Arab and international issue of prisoners, stressing that the Palestinian prisoners are prisoners of war in accordance with international conventions and norms, and the occupation must grant them their rights stipulated by international laws and norms.

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