Trump and Putin hail the cooperation and "trust" between their two countries in remembrance of a meeting during WWII

Russia and the United States on Saturday marked a historic meeting between American and Soviet forces during World War II that served as a model for how to "build confidence and cooperation" between the two countries.

The meeting between the American and Soviet forces on the River Elbe in Germany on April 25, 1945 was considered a major station in World War II, which marked the defeat of the Nazis.

A statement issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin and American Donald Trump on the 75th anniversary of his meeting said that this meeting demonstrates how the two countries can work together.

A statement released by the Kremlin and the White House said that "this is an example of how our two countries can put differences and build confidence and cooperation in the name of a common goal."

"As we work today to meet the most important challenges of the twenty-first century, we pay tribute to the courage and courage of all who fought together to defeat fascism," he added.

"Their heroic work will never be forgotten."

In a video posted on Twitter, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said the meeting in Elbe was "a symbol of what we can achieve when we work together for a common cause."

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