China .. rise of the "new corona" victims to 41


The number of victims of the "new Corona" virus in China has risen to 41, while the number of infected people has exceeded one thousand and 200.

Today, Saturday, the National Medical Commission of China said, through a statement published, that 41 people have died so far from the virus, while the number of infected people has reached one thousand and 287, 237 of them are in serious condition.
HIV cases were recorded in all provinces of the country except for the Tibet Autonomous Region, while 39 people died in the "Khubei" district where the virus first appeared, in addition to the death of one person in each of the "Hebei Province" near Beijing, Heilongjiang northeast.
According to the statement, the number of suspected people with the virus reached one thousand and 965 people, while 38 cases of cure of the virus were recorded so far.
The number of people monitored for contact with people infected with the virus has reached 13,967 people.
"Khubei" province ranked first with 729 people injured, including 572 injured in the Wuhan provincial center.
Five cases of HIV infection were recorded in Hong Kong, two in the Macao Special Administrative Region, 3 cases in Taiwan, 4 cases in Thailand, two cases in Japan, South Korea, the United States, 3 cases in Singapore, and one case in Nepal, as well as Two cases in France.
While one case was cured of the disease in Japan, and two cases were recovered in Thailand.
On the other hand, Chinese media reported that the Chinese People's Liberation Army sent a medical staff of 450 people to Wuhan.
The new Corona virus, which has come to be called the "Wuhan virus" due to the discovery of the first case of the virus in this city, is transmitted by air in cases of breathing, sneezing and coughing.
Among the first symptoms of infection with the virus, high body temperature, throat pain, coughing, shortness of breath, diarrhea, and in the advanced stages it turns into pneumonia, kidney failure, and may end in death.
China unveiled the mysterious virus for the first time on December 12 in Wuhan.


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