The occupation notifies the demolition of 18 houses in Musafir Yatta, south of Hebron

Today, Monday, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished 18 houses in the village of Umm al-Khair in Musafir Yatta, south of Hebron.

The coordinator of the Protection and Resilience Committees in Musafir Yatta Fuad Amor said that the occupation forces delivered notices of the demolition of 18 houses belonging to citizens of families: Al-Hathalin, Al-Masry, Al-Tebnah, and Al-Faqir, on the pretext of building without a permit.

The occupation forces were notified last week that they had demolished eight of their homes in Musafir Yatta, belonging to: Muhammad Musa Makhamreh, Ahmad Al-Yatim, Ahmed Ismail Al-Dababseh, Mahmoud Issa Al-Yateem, Annan Muhammad Abd Rabbo, Khalil Issa Al-Yateem, Qasim Ahmed Abu Tuhfa, and Muhammad Musa Makhamreh .

Citizens and farmers in Musafer Yatta suffer daily from the occupation's practices of demolishing their homes and tents, vandalizing their crops, and assaulting them to get them to leave them.

According to the Wall and Settlement Affairs Authority, the occupation forces carried out 686 demolitions, 300 of them in the city of Jerusalem during the past year.


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