A concert in Gaza today in response to the establishment of the Yorrogen in Israel

In conjunction with the holding of the European singing festival "Yurogen" In Israel, Jusoor International Outreach group launched an invitation to a concert called the Gaza message "Gaza messs", on the ruins of the "Abu Qamar" building, which was bombed by Israeli occupation planes during the last round of escalation.

Kamel Musallam, coordinator of Jusoor Group, said in a press interview that this ceremony carries two messages, the first being the establishment of the "Eurovision" ceremony in Israel, and that the occupying force sings, shells and practices apartheid against the Palestinians.

The second message, according to a Muslim, is that Gaza sings and peace-loving and rejects any bleaching of the pages of the Israeli occupation and its crimes through art and music.

Al-Musallam said the ceremony will be held on Tuesday 14 May May, on the ruins of Amara "Abu Qamar", and will include a keynote address to his father, the martyr paramedic Razan Najjar.

He pointed out that a number of Palestinian orchestras in Gaza would participate in the ceremony, to convey the message that Israel is practicing crimes against the Palestinians, using music to improve its image to the world.

The coordinator of the Jusoor Group for international communication called on the whole world, the European Union and the United States of America not to contribute to the coverage of these crimes through their participation in these activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The "Eurovision" Competition is the largest non-sporting event in Israel, and will be held in Tel Aviv on 14-18 May May, a singing competition organized by the European Broadcasting Union since 1965.

The number of viewers in the competition is estimated to be between 100 million and 600 million people around the world in recent years, according to Israeli media

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