Israel reveals the cause of the crash of its spacecraft on the moon

Israeli Space Industries (IAI) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have uncoated the cause of the crash of the spacecraft Prishit on the moon.

According to data from the engineering teams, he discovered a technical flaw in the main engine before landing on the moon, which led to the loss of communication with them. According to the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation.

Although Prishit overcame the crash and successfully restored the main engine, it was no longer possible to slow down the vehicle's speed and complete the landing as quietly as planned.

It is estimated that the technical fault occurred when the spacecraft was about 14 kilometers from the moon. Before that, Prishit was able to send a final picture of her near the moon.

Preliminary data indicate that the fault also caused the loss of contact with the probe that crashed on the moon at 500 km per hour.

The engineering crew of Spice and aerospace industries confirmed that next week comprehensive tests would be conducted to clarify the cause of the technical fault that caused the crash.

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