Gaza Health: The occupation continues to impose its health siege on the Strip

Ibrahim Abbas, director of the Medical Imaging Unit at the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, said today, Sunday, that the Israeli occupation continues to impose its health siege on the Strip, by preventing it from entering or maintaining medical devices to confront the “Corona” virus and its accompanying mutations. .

During a press conference in front of Beit Hanoun “Erez” checkpoint in the northern Gaza Strip, Abbas indicated that the occupation continues to prevent the entry of spare parts to repair defective medical devices and equipment, and also prevents them from being transported abroad for repair.

Abbas said that “patients without the appropriate health and diagnostic equipment, and the failure to repair the unemployed, are exposed to serious health complications for their lives.”

The official at the Ministry of Health in Gaza accused the occupation of deliberately sabotaging and paralyzing the health system, confusing the health system, and committing immoral crimes against patients.

Abbas indicated that 70% of the cases that are being examined in the laboratory for suspected infection with the Corona virus, prove that they are infected with the “Omicron” mutant, at a time when the occupation prevents the entry of medical equipment to deal with these cases.

Abbas explained that there are 20 medical devices that need maintenance and spare parts, including the CT device in Al-Aqsa Hospital and the Indonesian Hospital.

He stressed that international agreements guarantee the right to treatment for patients, and despite that, the occupation practices depriving Gaza patients in various ways from accessing treatment outside and inside the Gaza Strip.

He stated that the Ministry of Health did not stand idly by towards the practices of the occupation, and was seeking to communicate with all parties to pressure the occupation in order to bring in medical devices and supplies, and to enable patients to access health services.

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