International figures call for pressure on Israel to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip

International figures called today, Tuesday, for the international community to take serious and effective action to pressure Israel to lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for years.

This came during the words and interventions of those personalities in the activities of the international forum held in Gaza under the title “The Siege of Gaza.. An Ongoing Crime,” which was organized by the “Days of Palestine” and “We are not numbers” organizations, with the participation of Palestinian and foreign human rights and politicians.

Richard Falk, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories, said that the people of Gaza continue to be victims of various forms of collective punishment imposed by Israel, such as the cyclically worsening blockade and the illegal military operations that take place every few years and claim a huge number of victims.

Falk stressed that Israel defies international law with several illegal methods, the most important of which is the use of military force against civilians, which means that this goes beyond a reasonable conflict, adding that “Israel’s practices are a serious, cruel and continuous violation of the basic duties of a United Nations member state and a sovereign state that respects the nature of the basics of law. international”.

Falk praised the residents of the Gaza Strip who resist, persevere, innovate, preserve the life industry, and cling to their dream despite the difficult circumstances.

For her part, Anna Kontola, a deputy in the Irish parliament, said that Israel continues to build its wall around the Gaza Strip illegally, where 2 million people are living their lives as prisoners and their dream and hope to live in freedom.

Kontola emphasized that the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip contradicts international law and the principles of work of international human rights institutions, and is a collective punishment of civilians there and has led to social, economic and humanitarian crises.

On her part, Julie Pullman, a New Zealand investigative journalist and political and social activist for the Palestinian cause, said that the Israeli blockade has no moral or legal justification, noting that the United Nations previously described it as “the destruction of the Gaza Strip and that it is a process in which development is not only halted, but destroyed by halting Bringing in goods and preventing movement to and from the Gaza Strip and beyond.

“The blockade of Gaza amounts to a war crime according to international law, as the collective punishment imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip is strictly prohibited according to Article 33 of the Geneva Convention,” Polman added.

"The Israeli authorities are obligated according to international law to respect the right of the Palestinian people as an occupied people without any arbitrary restrictions or conditions, and to guarantee the provision of basic services for life such as health, electricity, water and other basic needs," she added.

The New Zealand activist pointed out that Israel continues to violate obligations as well as many human rights agreements enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, such as the right to freedom of movement, education, work and health.

Polman called for increasing pressure on the international community, especially the United Nations, to demand that the blockade of Gaza be declared illegal, that the Security Council has the ability to use military force to rebuild Gaza if necessary, and that it has the ability to ensure the delivery of humanitarian relief to Gaza through international waters without Israeli interference. .

Dan Kovalik, an American human rights lecturer and activist, said that more than 2 million people in the Gaza Strip suffer from severe shortages of fresh water, food and medicine, and they also suffer from sanitation problems.

Kovalik held Israel directly responsible for this suffering, saying, “It is in fact obstructing life in Gaza by preventing the entry of necessary equipment and repeatedly attacking the main infrastructure, the water system, the sewage system, factories and concrete needed to rebuild the homes that Israel bombs in the Gaza Strip from time to time.” .

He added, "Israel deliberately deprives Gaza of equipment, necessities, and basic necessities of life, such as water, food, and medicine needed for civilians to survive, and these violations are nothing but war crimes according to the position of the Geneva Conventions and other covenants of international law."

The American activist called on the world to intervene immediately to stop these crimes, and for the United Nations to work to stop the siege of Israel by bringing charges against it through the International Criminal Court and working to lift the stifling siege on the Gaza Strip.

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