Center: 365 arrests during November, including 42 children and 8 women

The Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies monitored, today, Wednesday, 365 cases of arrest, including 44 children and 8 women, during the month of last November.

In a statement, the center said that the occupation authorities continued their campaigns of abuse and arrests against Palestinians last month, noting that Jerusalem was at the forefront of the number of detainees, which amounted to (130) arrests, followed by the city of Hebron, which witnessed (48) arrests.

The report monitored 10 cases of arrests from the Gaza Strip, including five fishermen from the “Al-Hassi family” while they were fishing off the shores of the southern Gaza Strip. They were released after investigation, while the merchant “Mahmoud Sami Ahmed” was arrested at the Beit Hanoun crossing, Erez, and the citizen was arrested. “Hassan Abu Mustafa,” a resident of Khan Yunis, while leaving the Beit Hanoun crossing to internal hospitals to treat his sick wife, while three young men were arrested on the pretext of crossing the separating wire on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip.

The occupation authorities also continued their attacks against journalists and media professionals, as they arrested the journalist Mujahid Hamdallah Mardawi, after raiding his family’s home in the village of Habla, near Qalqilya, and released him after interrogating him, and arrested journalist Sabri Jibril after the raid and storming of his house in Bethlehem.

Meanwhile, the occupation intelligence summoned the journalist at G Media Agency, Alaa Al-Rimawi, and interrogated him for six hours about his journalistic work, in “Ofer” camp in Ramallah, and informed him of his travel ban. In the Ofer camp near Ramallah, she was released after being threatened and accused of incitement.

PCHR indicated that during the month of November, the occupation continued to target children with arrests, house arrest and imposition of financial fines, as it monitored 42 cases of arrests of minors, the youngest of whom is the child Nassim Muhammad Hijazi, 11 years old, from Silwan, south of occupied Jerusalem, and the two children Adam Safadi and Muhammad al-Wahsh 14 years old. from the town of Beit Safafa, south of Jerusalem.

During the past month, the occupation continued to target women for arrest, as it monitored 8 arrests of Palestinian women, the 40-year-old woman, Amal Baradeiah, with her husband, Bassam Ghunaimat, from Hebron. Ms. Arin Youssef Al-Maghrabi was also arrested from Deheisha camp in Bethlehem after raiding her house.

While the mother of the martyr Omar Abu Asab was arrested from Jerusalem with her husband and her son, and the girl Aya 20 years old, the daughter of the martyr Fadi Abu Shkhaydam, the perpetrator of the Jerusalem operation, and his wife were also arrested, and his mother, Samira Al-Suwaiti, 69 years old, was also arrested.

While the occupation forces arrested Nabila Abu Al-Sabri, 50, from Al-Jalazun refugee camp, to pressure her liberated son, Ahmed Abu Al-Sabri, to surrender. They also arrested Sabreen Nidal Zayoud, from Jenin, the wife of the prisoner Muhammad Zuhair Zayoud, and arrested Rasha Tariq Al-Essawi, 36, after raiding her house. He was searched during the storming of Al-Isawiya village, northeast of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, the two Al-Mourabitat Khadija Muhammad Khweis, 44, and Hanadi Muhammad Al-Halawani, 41, submitted two reports for intelligence review.

The Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies indicated that during the past month, the occupation courts continued to issue administrative decisions against prisoners, as the fictitious occupation courts issued (87) administrative decisions between new and renewal, ranging from two to six months.

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