Committee to Support Journalists: The occupation targeted 30 journalists and arrested 8 others last month

During the monthly report on the state of press freedoms in November 2021, the Committee to Support Journalists monitored more than (86) violations against media freedoms and journalists, including (73) Israeli violations and (13) violations by internal parties. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The committee's report recorded more than (23) cases of violations by the management of social media companies, in the context of combating Palestinian content and obliterating the crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people.

The Israeli occupation forces committed a total of (73) cases of violations against media freedoms and press crews, injuring more than (30) journalists by using metal bullets, poisonous gas bombs, sound bombs, pepper gas, spraying with sewage water, lizards, beating with sticks and rifle butts, and insulting them using profanity.

And the occupation forces arrested, summoned and detained more than (8) journalists, and regarding the extension of detention, renewal, issuance and postponement of rulings, the report recorded 3 cases: the extension of the detention of journalist Assem Al-Shannar for the seventh time, and the renewal of administrative detention against the captive journalist Muhammad Nimer Asida for the second time for a period of 4 months, as well as the extension of Captive journalist Hazem Nasr was arrested for 3 months for the second time.

In continuation to obliterate the crimes of the occupation against the citizens, the occupation forces and settlers prevented journalists from covering and carrying out their duties, as the committee recorded more than (24) cases of preventing and obstructing journalists’ coverage amid provocative actions, pushing, kicking and being attacked, while journalists Alaa Al-Rimawi and Majdoul Hassouna were prevented from traveling.

In this context, the occupation forces stormed the homes of journalists Mujahid Mardawi and Sabri Jibril before their arrest, amid vandalizing and breaking some of the home's furniture and contents, in addition to the report recording a threat and accusation against three journalists.

With regard to electronic violations against Palestinian content, the occupation forces, in coordination with social media departments, closed Palestinian pages and websites and blocked, deleted and restricted many accounts of journalists and media organizations. The report recorded 23 violations in this regard, in the context of combating Palestinian content.

The violations were distributed in deleting, closing and restricting Facebook to (19) accounts, pages and media sites, including the pages of "Al-Quds Square", "Al-Qastal", the Asdaa news website and Shams News Agency under the pretext of "violating the standards", and 3 violations were recorded for the Instagram platform, including a page Hassan Isleh and Osaid Kamil, in addition to closing the “New Press” news agency’s page on Twitter.


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