Hebron: suffocation injuries during the occupation’s suppression of a support march for prisoners

Dozens of citizens were suffocated this afternoon, Sunday, as a result of the Israeli occupation forces' suppression of a peaceful march that was launched in support of the hunger strikers in the occupation prisons.

Our correspondent reported that the occupation forces intercepted the participants in the march, which started in front of Hebron University, to the Ras al-Jura area, the northern entrance to the city, and fired tear gas canisters at them, causing a number of them to suffocate.

The participants in the march called by the Union of Workers at Hebron University, the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission, and the Prisoners' Club demanded the urgent release of the striking prisoners who are fighting death.

The head of the Syndicate of the Worlds at Hebron University, Musa Ajwa, said that the prisoners are the ones who pushed their freedom for the sake of the homeland, and everyone must work for their release.

The media spokesperson for the Prisoner’s Club, Amjad Al-Najjar, called for the necessity of immediate action to save the lives of the prisoners on hunger strike, pointing out that the leaders of the captive movement in all prisons decided to engage in an open hunger strike to support the hunger strikers in light of the refusal of the occupation prisons to release them.


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