Sarhan: The Gaza Strip needs $3 billion for reconstruction

The Palestinian Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Naji Sarhan, announced today (Monday) that the Gaza Strip needs three billion dollars for the reconstruction process, which has already begun through the Qatari grant of 500 million dollars.
He told reporters in Gaza that the Strip needs $1 billion to rebuild the damage left by the recent wave of tension last May and the previous wars against it, and $2 billion to revive Gaza again.
Sarhan stated that several parties have offered to assist in the reconstruction, led by Qatar with an amount of 500 million dollars and Egypt with a similar amount, expecting that there will be contributions from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries.
Sarhan pointed out that Egypt and Qatar presented a vision for distributing the grant they will offer to different sectors such as housing, infrastructure, economy, agriculture and others.
An Egyptian engineering delegation arrived last Thursday to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing, to stay for about two weeks in Gaza to discuss reconstruction projects following the recent wave of tension.
An Egyptian engineering delegation had previously visited Gaza in early June for the same purpose, noting that Cairo later introduced heavy equipment to help government agencies in the Strip remove rubble.
Sarhan revealed that Qatar has actually started the reconstruction process on the ground within a specific program, whereby priority is given to the reconstruction of destroyed homes and the repair of road junctions before the winter season, pointing out that Doha will provide the Gaza municipalities with everything they need to rebuild what is needed in the coming weeks and months.
He stated that the number of housing units that were completely destroyed during the recent wave of tension on Gaza amounted to about 1,500 housing units, in addition to 880 units that were partially destroyed unfit for habitation, and 56 thousand between partial and slight.
Sarhan stated that the sector's needs due to the latest wave amounted to $479 million, in addition to the needs as a result of previous wars, and these are for direct losses, in addition to indirect losses from successive wars and the ongoing siege on the sector.
He pointed out that the average cost of one housing unit is $40,000, and it may decrease or increase depending on the building area and the destroyed unit, stressing that his ministry does not receive any money, but it manages the reconstruction process by sending the names of the affected and assessing the damage, and then the donor pays the citizen in installments to rebuild his home.
Egypt sponsored a ceasefire agreement to end a wave of tension between Palestinian factions and Israel that lasted from May 10 to 21, and resulted in the death of more than 250 Palestinians and the killing of 13 people in Israel, as well as extensive destruction of buildings, residential homes and infrastructure in Gaza.

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